30 in 30 days

This page is for my 30 in 30 days challenges! The challenge is hosted by California Artist Leslie Saeta, and she provides a great place for artists from all over the world to share our work! Check out her blog, and see all of the great things people are creating. I have participated in a few of them now, and I love them! It is really great to have that extra incentive to get in the studio. And knowing that you are part of such a large group of artists, is just so fun. If you scroll down this page you will find a selection of the paintings and thoughts from each of the challenges. Please check my shop for availability. I hope you check them out and maybe even join in the challenge next time around :)
*I hope you enjoy browsing through my artwork, but I ask that you respect the copyright protection of all of my images and not copy or reproduce them in any form.

September 2017 - Ok, Labor Day weekend is always a hard time for me to start this challenge. Getting in the last bits of summer seems to take all the time. I have a show up now, just went up on Thursday, so I have a couple of paintings that I finished in the last days of August - I am counting those. I am reminding myself that it is not about hard fast rules, but about getting into the studio (& painting!) as much as I can :) 
I am not setting a theme for this month, I do think that my summer will be the main inspiration though. I was really lucky, I got outside a lot; Canadian Rockies & prairies, US midwestern lakes, Cascadia, the Sierras and the Pacific Northwest. Think turquoise lakes :) I will log in thoughts as I go and post a collage at the end. I'm going to post to Instagram daily, if you want o follow along.

September 30th! Woohoo! done with the challenge. I did have days that I needed to push myself, as well as days that I didn't want to leave the studio....but I guess that is pretty normal :) I have some I love, and some that might warrant a bit more attention.... but again, that is pretty normal. All in all, it feels good to keep my focus for a month. As for now, I have a November show to prep for, commissions to work on and lessons to plan (start back into art with the 3-5th graders in October!). All good here :) 
Here is that collage of my 30 days... till next time!

So I have been daily posting and sharing my thoughts via Instagram, but I thought that since it is September 20th, I would also post a few pictures here :) This is a grouping with details from the first 16 paintings in the challenge. I will replace it with an "all 30" group at the end! It is getting close!

January 2017 - this time around I didn't put all of the paintings into the collage....and I miss it, next time I will go back to all (or most)!

September 2016 - well, the month is done and I am happy with my progress. I find it interesting that the summer light really stayed with me this time. When I see them all together, to me, they really speak about summer and its sense of balance. I always feel a bit more "rested and ready" when summer comes to a close. 
Off we go into another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, I think I am ready.....  I will be posting new work daily on FacebooktwitterInstagram & Etsy - I hope you follow along :)  - and put the end of the month collage here (see below) when October gets here :)  I don't think I am limiting my sizes or themes this time.... I do have a show in January that needs some larger pieces, so I might spend a couple of days on a single painting or 2... Anyhow, I am looking forward to all the studio time! Wish me luck!  

January 2016! Here we go again....Here is the collage from the month.  It was a bit more of a challenge this time, with my increased teaching schedule! Happy that I was able to keep up.  Until next time!
I have decided to limit myself to 2 sizes for this challenge; the small 4x4 panel mounted on wood, and the deep painted sides 5x5.  I like that these are accessible sizes and prices, and they are fun to mix into groupings! 

September 2015! Off we go into another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, I think I am ready..... I am going to post my daily painting on my home page - and put the end of the month collage here (see below) when October gets here :)  Wish me luck! 

WOOHOO! Challenge complete :)

Happy New Year! Here we go into January 2015, nothing better than a painting challenge to kick the year off right :) I hope you check back and see my progress. I have a pretty full teaching schedule this January, so I am hoping to stay on top of both ---

January 30
painting #30!! WOOHOO - saturday 6x6 original encaustic painting

Last day of the challenge! I had fun today! I started with a color scheme that I wanted to paint, and just had fun with it....This is where I landed :)
So fun painting "with" over 1000 other artists! Looking forward to the next one :)

January 29
painting #29 - sunrise 12x12 original encaustic painting

I had a good, big chunk of time to paint today :) Good day!

January 27 & 28
painting #28 - shore 3.5x5 original encaustic painting
painting #27 - on the trail 6x6 original encaustic painting

Today's painting (1/28) was all about the colors for me.... it is a small study of water and sky, where the horizon line almost gets lost. This was fun to do. I painted on a piece of wood with wax going all the way down the edges. I an't believe that the challenge is almost done. This is the hardest part for me, don't know why, but this is always when I am most tempted :)

January 25 & 26
painting #26 - blue waters 4x4 original encaustic painting
painting #25 - summer day 8x6 original encaustic painting

Wow! here I am in the last week of the challenge. This month has gone really fast at times, and REALLY slowly at others.... starting to look forward to February :)

January 24
painting #24 - on the coast 10x22 (commissioned) 10x22 original encaustic painting

I woke up early today, and was able to spend a lot of hours in the studio :) I finished the painting that I started yesterday! Yay
If you click on the thumbnail, it will show you the whole painting.... it is a horizontal painting 10"x22"
Now, to plan for tomorrow......

January 23
painting #23 - watching-2 4x4 original encaustic painting

I did another little coastal painting this morning, and then got to work on the larger piece that I have been commissioned to do. I had such a nice big chunk of time to paint today - it felt good! Hopefully I will have another long day to paint tomorrow :) See you then

January 22
painting #22 - winter sunset 6x6 original encaustic painting

I have been squeezing in my painting time in and amongst my "teaching artist" time.... I am happy to say that I am on schedule :) I would like to work on a larger piece though, and that needs a bigger amount of time. I have tomorrow off from teaching - so that's my day! I am really looking forward to it - have a great night.

January 21
painting #21 - sunday 4x4 original encaustic painting

January 20
painting #20 - monday evening sun 4x4 original encaustic painting

So, couldn't quite get to the coast, but I did get out to the sound :) works for me! Had a lovely evening, last night, skipping stones and watching the sunset. I feel better - sigh.
This painting is from our day.... I squeezed in time to paint this morning, then ran off to teach two fifth grade and one K art classes. See you tomorrow....

January 19
painting #19 - watching 4x4 original encaustic painting

clearly, I want to be at the coast! I think I had better try to find the time, soon :) Have a great day.

January 18
painting #18 - before the storm 6x6 original encaustic painting

January 17
painting #17 - blue 4x4 original encaustic painting

January 16
painting #16 - beach day 12x4 original encaustic painting

I decided to take a departure, I really wanted to paint this today.... This one is another tall, skinny vertical- above is just a detail. I think I will have time to paint this weekend....I am looking forward to some "long studio" times.
Have a great weekend!

January 15
painting #15 - late morning 4x4 original encaustic painting

Today we are back to a winter rainy day, but, I am still caught in the blue, blue of the last couple of days! Today's painting is from a visit to the lake, when I took 5 minutes to just sit on a big rock. One of my favorite things to do! I think more people should take those kind of 5 minute breaks :) See you tomorrow!

January 14
painting #14 - tuesday, in blue 12.5x4.5 original encaustic painting

This is from one of those blue, blue Pacific Northwest days - when everything is a shade of blue; the water the sky, the hills & mountains. I love these days :) Today and yesterday have been wonderful days... I think I will be painting these days for a bit more days....I am enjoying the blues :) Click on the thumbnail to see the whole painting.....

January 13
painting #13 - monday morning 4x4 original encaustic painting

I love when you look up and are surprised by an early morning sky. Just makes me smile, this is monday morning's sunrise.

January 12
painting #12 - from the bridge 6x6 original encaustic painting

I love that the reason I saw this sky is because my son came home and told me that I had to go outside and look at the clouds :) Makes me so happy that he is able to notice! So, I took a break from what I was doing, went for a walk, and found these amazing skies - Yay

January 11
painting #11 - saturday 4x4 original encaustic

I was asked to paint a "little" sit on your desk version of that beautiful snowy day last weekend - so here it is :) I think I might need to paint ahead today - there is a busy week ahead.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

January 10
painting #10 - looking across 6x6 original encaustic painting

Here it is a third of the way through the challenge, so far so good! Still feels good to me, that is a great sign :) I needed to do something a bit lighter with water, just what I was wanting, so this is it!

January 9
painting #9 - winter dawn 4x12 original encaustic painting

This one is a horizontal painting, same format as yesterday, only this one has a wood border. If you click on the thumbnail, you'll see the whole thing. I'm happy to use a bit more blue ;)

January 8
painting #8 - looking west 4x12 original encaustic painting

If you click on the thumbnail of today's painting, you will see that it is actually a horizontal painting, looking west out over the water....with those amazing Olympic Mountains in the distance. I could look at the view all day - I guess that is why I did a painting of it :) enjoy your day!

January 7
painting #7 - tuesday morning 4x4 original encaustic painting

This might be my new pattern....here it is Wednesday, and my painting is the wonderful view out of the window at the school where I am a visiting Teaching Artist. Taught some classes yesterday, then came home and painted this little 4x4 painting :)

January 6
painting #6 - monday 6x6 original encaustic painting

Ok, so now that vacation is over, it is harder to paint a view from that day - some days my time to paint is early in the morning! So, I'm going to paint the sky from yesterday :) Today is tuesday and my painting for today is titled "monday" - see what I mean? :)

January 5
painting #5 - fluid clouds 10x10 original encaustic painting

This was from an amazing sky, the clouds were racing across ..and they almost looked surreal - I knew I was going to paint it, I could already see it in wax! I have to admit that it is not from today, but it is recent :) (I hope that still counts!)

January 4
painting #4 - saturday evening 6x6 original encaustic painting

I am breaking the rules a bit today, my good friends sent me this picture of their yesterday, last night. Today is a raining day and I decided to paint it this morning :0

January 3
painting #3 - cloudy day 4x4 original encaustic painting

It rained last night but not today! The sky was a white/gray with few distinct clouds, so we took down the holiday decorations and let the day progress. After putting everything away, I went for a walk, and looking up I saw this grouping of clouds with sun attempting to break through :) so happy I went for that walk! Came home and did this little painting .....

January 2
painting #2 - friday, dawn 6x6 original encaustic painting

So here it is day 2 of the challenge and a cold, grayish sort of day. I was able to catch the sunrise this morning, it had a variety that caught my eye....so, it is today's painting! I think rain is in tomorrow's forecast....lets see what skies that will create :)

January 1, 2015!
painting #1 - new day 4x4 original encaustic painting

Well, I am considering a personal challenge of looking up each day, and finding a sky in that day to paint. It worked today, New Year's day beautiful, crisp, clear day - so clear that you could see the "steps" in the distance - the mountains, foothills and city hills clearly defined against a sun hazed blue sky -- I wonder what tomorrow will be like?

Well, here we go again! It is September 2014, the kids are getting ready to head back to school, and I am looking forward to another 30 paintings in 30 days challenge! I think that there are over 600 people participating in this one. So very fun!

September 1
Well, as always the beginning of September is off to a crazy start! School to prep for, family coming to visit.... perfect time to take a breath in the clouds. So, my first painting is "looking up" into the clouds. If your Days are feeling hectic, I hope it helps slow things down :)
painting #1 4x4 encaustic :: looking up

September 2
painting #2 4x4 encaustic :: mid day sky

September 3
painting #3 6x6 encaustic :: quiet day

September 4 - 7
This was the start of a very fun, beautiful weekend. It was also very busy - so I had to paint a bit extra on some days and not at all on others. here are the resulting 4 paintings :)
painting #4 6x6 encaustic :: just a few clouds
painting #5 6x6 encaustic :: monday's sunset
painting #6 4x4 encaustic :: summer sunset
painting #7 6x6 encaustic :: looking for the break

September 9
So, I admit it. I am behind now....but I'm working on it :) My sister got married over the weekend, and it was amazing in every way! So happy for them both. I am still thinking of the weekend, and today's painting is filled with those thoughts.
painting #8 6x6 encaustic :: perfect pair
painting #9 5.5x3 encaustic :: sunday eve

September 10
Lucky today, had a good amount of time to work in the studio. Which is great because I wanted to work on a larger painting - I have a show in October that I'd like to have some bigger pieces for. Anyways, I am very happy with this one! It is of one of my favorite places and times.
painting #10 12x12 encaustic :: thursday's view

September 11
I felt like painting some dramatic clouds today.... lucky for me I could pull on a memory of a lovely day at the beach, we went to fly kites and we got this as a bonus :) what could be better?!
painting #11 6x6 encaustic :: saturday

September 12
So, I have realized that I am a bit in love with my prussian blue lately.... I just get lost in it, and find myself using it (sometimes more than others) in every painting. So today, I told myself no. paint today without using that blue -- I only use the primary colors when I paint (though I admit I have 2 reds, and 2 blues) - so the other blue it was. It is a nice blue, but I don't love it, so the painting was not dominated by it, just hinted with it. Anyways...
painting #12 6x6 encaustic :: morning glow

September 13 & 14
The weekends are always a bit of a trick for me. But this weekend I managed to paint each day - a little painting on Saturday, and an 8x8 one Sunday. I was wanting some more drama in the sky today... so I went back in time to a different day, and painted that :)
painting #13 4x4 encaustic :: end of the day
painting #14 8x8 encaustic :: sunset

September 15 & 16
So, I did these paintings on their designated days, Im just behind on getting them up on my website :) Yesterday was a crazy hot "really still feels like summer" kind of day. I felt like painting a summer lake day was the right thing to do... I even got to spend some time along this lake - great way to end the day.
painting #15 6x6 encaustic :: from the park

Today, I wanted to paint something close to heart. There is something so wonderful about this place and time, I just keep having to go back to it! Each time I focus on something a bit different, and each time it really makes me glad I returned. Brings me calm. The title is familiar --
painting #16 12x12 encaustic :: bliss

September 17
I can be known to grumble when it's my turn to do the morning drive....BUT, every now and then I am so happy it's my turn! This morning had the best clouds, and I would have only seen a small portion had I not been out so early - good start to a good day! I did this painting as a reminder that any morning can be great :)
painting #17 4.5x 12.5 encaustic :: this morning

September 21
My logging has not been very up to date, Sorry! I have however, been painting :) I'm happy that I have been able to stay on track, I've done 21 paintings to date. I know need to start building "frames" or support boxes for those that don't have it -- It is going to be a busy week!
painting #18 4x4 encaustic :: point
painting #19 2.5 x 6 encaustic :: saturday
painting #20 16x16 encaustic :: break in the clouds
painting#21 4x4 encaustic :: sea

September 22
Today's painting is all about the wax..... I really wanted to play with the heat gun today, and see how the image formed through the wax movement. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, I like the soft colors... anyways, hope you do too! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!
painting #22 12x4 encaustic :: mid-afternoon

September 23 - First day of Autumn
Last night I was out at the soccer fields - and this was the sky at the end of practice, so nice! When I set out to paint today, I just knew that a little peek of that sky was what I wanted to do - so here it is :)
painting # 23 4x4 encaustic :: monday evening

September 24
Ok, so I have noticed that I am doing my grid and chronicle backwards this time! The other times I have started at the bottom and worked my way up... not this time, in reverse. I guess backwards it will be :) Anyways, today's painting is off of the footbridge over the ravine near my house. One of my favorite places. This is from a morning walk. I hope it is peaceful
painting #24 6x6 encaustic :: tuesday morning

September 25
I felt like painting a sunset today - I wanted more of that wonderful "orange" in my 30 :) So, I decided to go back to the San Juans and paint a sunset of one of my favorite places! Have a great night -- I'm calling it "almost time" because it was a Thursday night, almost the weekend.... kind of like tonight... Oh, its a horizontal painting -- click on the image to see the whole thing!
painting #25 4x12 encaustic :: almost time

September 26 - 29
I spent these last few days working on a larger painting - so, I did paint everyday....just not a finished painting each day :) This one is from last year's vacation. I really love getting to take the time to just sit and enjoy the beach - no matter where it is! Well, tomorrow is the last day of September and the last day of the challenge. I wonder what I will paint ......
painting #26 23x10 encaustic :: end of the storm

September 30
Well, here it is the last day of September. I have mixed feelings about the challenge being over. I will miss the added incentive to paint daily (will need to rely more on my own pressure) but I have to admit, there are other things that I need to catch up on! I did this little painting this morning, so that I can focus the rest of my day on the 2 shows that I need to hang this week! Not, quite as organized as I usually am ;)
painting #27 4x4 encaustic :: tuesday, sunrise

This part of the page is for my 30 in 30 days challenges back in January 2014

January 28, 29 & 30The last three days have been very busy! Multiple art classes to teach, a demonstration of my encaustics for a local school, and just craziness at home! I did manage to squeak in the last three paintings, but I still have more to do! I had different paintings in my mind at the beginning of the week - bigger ones - I just didn't have the time! So, next week - when I only have to teach a few classes and hang a show - I'll paint those then! That is my plan, I am going to try and stick to it!! But for now, the 30 in 30 day challenge has come to a close.... I am already looking forward to the next! (have a few mini challenges in the works :)

painting #30 - evening sky - 4x4 encaustic
painting #29 - waiting for the boat - 4x4 encaustic
painting - #28 - on the shore - 4x4 encaustic

January 27, 2014
painting #27 - friday - 6x6 encaustic

January 26, 2014
I am really having fun with changing the ratio of resin/bees wax to pigment. This one is done with less pigment in the mix.... I like the dreaminess :)

painting #26 - saturday on the coast - 8x4 encaustic

January 25, 2014
Really loved the blues that I used yesterday....so, I decided to stay in that color palate today. Here is today's painting

painting #25 - blue - 4x4 encaustic

January 24, 2014
This day, was a beautiful one of wandering. This is from the middle of the day, when the haze was just beginning to burn off. I wanted to capture the subtle colors, so this painting is done with a higher concentration of wax and resin, and a lighter hand with the pigments. It was fun to experiment with the ratio today - ended up with such a rich, hard surface, just as I had hoped :) Good day in the studio! Oh, I cropped it in the grid -- its a nice long vertical - check it out :)

painting #24 - from the bluff - 20.5"tall x 7.5" wide - encaustic

January 23, 2014
Seriously love the winter sunrises.... makes those dark mornings worthwhile!

painting #23 - thursday morning - 4x4 encaustic

January 22, 2014
The thing I really like about this 30 in 30 days painting challenge is that I tend to try new things - not crazy new, but things I don't typically do. Like today's painting - no clouds! go figure :)
Have a great Wednesday ~

painting #22 - sunday, noon - 6x6 encaustic

January 21, 2014
I came across the picture, one of my utmost favorite places, on a beautiful winter day. Decision made, had to be today's painting :) I had fun while painting this one, tried to work the materials faster than normal, just to see how it would handle the different manipulation.... it was fun!

painting #21 - winter lake - 6x6 encaustic

January 20, 2014
painting #20 - monday - 4x4 encaustic

January 19, 2014
Today is a chilly day, perfect day to have a hearty breakfast with a hot cup of coffee and then head into the studio for some painting with hot encaustic paints! I warmed right up :) Painting 19, is of a passing storm as seen from the beach/shore. Where you can enjoy its light and strength, yet not have to worry too much -- my kind of storm! Have a great Sunday

painting #19 - passing storm - 8x8 encaustic

January 18, 2014
painting # 18 - sunset lake - 4x4 encaustic

January 17, 2014
So, today I decided I wanted to paint more of those clouds that I did yesterday...I really enjoyed how light they were...maybe it is because of the fog we've had the last couple of days, I don't know. Anyways, here you go ~

painting #17 - above the line (2) -6x6 encaustic

January 16, 2014
There is something unique about the light and air above the tree line. I wanted to title this one - above the tree line, looking up - but that just seemed too long! so "above the line" it is :)

painting #16 - above the line - 6x6 encaustic

January 15, 2014
Half way through! 15 done, 15 left to go :) Good place to be. I got started early this morning, had some paintings to mail out, a frame to cut and build, people to meet...lots to do :)
But, I grabbed some time to paint when I saw it! I guess I was feeling the vibrant colors today, this sunset is much richer than the others this month -- maybe it was all of that color mixing with the Kindergarten kids yesterday?! Either way, here is today's

painting #15 - tuesday -6x6 encaustic

January 14, 2014
I was busy most of the day today.... felt like it was dark by the time I was able to sit down! Had a couple of fun Kindergarten classes to teach - those "littles" are so, so cute! They just love getting to mix colors! pure joy, no self criticism - so nice :)
Well, I did plan ahead and this small painting was done in yesterday in preparation of my busy day today.... So, here it is ....

painting #14 - by the lake - 4x4 encaustic

January 13, 2014
Busy Monday today! I have paintings to ship out, a show to plan, classes to prepare for and painting to do - the very best kind of busy :) So far so good - but my day is far from over...lots to do still! I had a very nice morning painting - and here is the result --

painting # 13 - sunday afternoon - 6x6 encaustic

January 10-12, 2014
So, I have been posting paintings for each of these days...I just haven't been writing :) The wind and rain swooped in and, I don't know, I seem to have less to say! I can always paint though, so here they are:

painting #12 - thursday, dusk - 6x6 encaustic
painting #11 - from the bridge - 4x4 encaustic
painting #10 - tuesday afternoon - 4x4 encaustic

January 9, 2014
Today's painting is of one of my top, utmost favorite places. It brings me such a sense of peace. Sometimes I just know that I need to paint myself there.

painting #9 - bliss - 4x8 encaustic

January 8, 2014
Here is another little one, a bit moodier and darker. Busy day of running around.... you can bet I'll be checking the sky for good clouds while I'm out. See you tomorrow!

painting #8 - friday - 4x4 encaustic

January 7, 2014
Today, I really wanted to work on a small 4x4 painting, not sure why, just wanted to make a small little glimpse I guess :) I like doing these, and it has been awhile, so I'm glad I did! Here it is:

painting #7 - wednesday afternoon - 4x4 encaustic

January 6, 2014
So, today is officially "back to normal". The kids are back in school, and planning for teaching is bubbling away. One of the things I like best about these 30 in 30 day challenges is that I allow myself a little more freedom to experiment. Today I thought I would see how I liked a sunset without a horizon frame of reference...I found that it made me even more particular about the details! Hmm. Something to consider. So, here it is --

painting #6 - in the sunset - 6x6 encaustic

January 5, 2014
I woke up this morning, and this was the sunrise! it was perfect because I was heading into the studio unsure of what I was going to paint.... I love it when that happens!
painting #5 - sunday morning - 8x8 encaustic

January 4, 2014
painting #4 - in the clouds - 6x6 encaustic

January 3, 2014
I had a lovely morning! Woke up, made some coffee and snuck down to the studio to paint before the house woke up. Great way to start my day. So, here is the painting from my morning session.

painting #3 - from the shore - 8x8 encaustic

January 2, 2014
So, here it is the 2nd day of the challenge, and I'm behind! But, I did have time to paint today (Yay!) and I was able to do 2 paintings - so I am back in the game :) I decided to paint 2 paintings that are "winter" today - snow and all. Here they are:

painting #1 - big blue - 6x6 encaustic
painting #2 - thursday morning - 6x6 encaustic

This part of the page is for my 30 in 30 days challenges back in September 2013

September 30, 2013 (yay!)
Well, here it is the last day of the 30 in 30 challenge. I kind of can't believe that the end of the month has come. There were some parts of September that went sooo slowly, and now its done. I am really glad that I did this, it was a great incentive to get into the studio EVERY day and complete something EVERY day.... it will be nice though to not feel the time pressure, and allow time to work on some larger pieces. I hope to start one tomorrow :)
But, for today, the final painting is of our crazy weather over the weekend --crazy wind with lots of rain, yet still able to create some amazing skies!

Painting #30 - sunday - 6x6 - encaustic

September 29, 2013
Today's sunflower :) have a good day!
Painting #29 - helianthus 3 - 4x4 - encaustic

September 28, 2013
This one is a bit different for me...kind of a combination between the skyscapes and the flowers! Have a great weekend :)

Painting #28 - early wednesday - 6x4.5 - encaustic

September 27, 2013
Well, I've decided that the next three days will be different varieties of helianthus AKA sunflowers! I can not believe that the month and challenge are coming to a close. It has me wondering how I will transition. I know that my teaching schedule will start to eat into the painting time, but I sure hope I can at least be consistent :)

Painting #27 - helianthus 2 - 4x4 - encaustic

September 26, 2013
I love that my family is always on the lookout for an amazing sky for me to paint. This one is from last Saturday morning, and both my son and husband pointed it out to me :) Love!
enjoy your day!

Painting #26 - saturday morning - 6x6 - encaustic

September 25, 2013
I decided to go back and do a landscape today, I guess I wanted to escape to the coast! Only a handful of paintings left......

Painting #25 - on the coast - 6x6 - encaustic

September 24, 2013
Today, I have continued on with the flower theme and painted a sunflower variety, a small helianthus.
These are still in bloom so I am enjoying their sunshine, even if it is a grey day.

Painting #24 - helianthus - 4x4 - encaustic

September 22-23, 2013
So, I realized that I had yet to paint a flower for my 30 in 30 days challenge! And there is not a whole lot of time left, so... here is the start of some flowers :)
I think as the weather starts to fade in to autumn, that I will miss seeing all of the blooms around. This way I can keep a few -- enjoy your day!

Painting #23 - poppy - 4x4- encaustic
Painting #22 - poppy - 4x4-encaustic

September 20-21, 2013
These are the next two in the triptych. If you click on one of the 3 it will take you to the completed, put together, painting at my etsy shop :)
summer sunset 2 - 3x3
summer sunset 3 - 3x3

September 19, 2013
I started work on a triptych today -- it will progress over the next couple of days. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Painting # 19 - summer sunset 1 - 3x3 - encaustic

September 18, 2013
This morning -early- I had to leave the house. I was tired, wanting to still be asleep. But then, I turned a corner and looked up at the sky. Once again, I was treated to a wonderful sky! So lucky! Anyhow, I had to paint it, and here it is:

Painting #18 - this morning - 6x6 - encaustic

September 17, 2013
I love where I live... the skies are always amazing! Yesterday evening, when I went out, I was treated to some great clouds and wonderful light. Today's painting is the clouds at a nearby park last night. It is small, measuring 2.5inches tall x 5.25inches wide. This one is about a half inch deep, and the painting continues around the edges. It is fun to paint these little glimpses.

Painting # 17 - monday evening - 2.5x5.25 - encaustic

September 16, 2013
So, today is feeling a bit hectic.... the weekend went too fast, the alarm went off (what seemed to be) way too soon, so I needed to take a break in something less complex. I decided to paint a view looking up into the clouds, it made me feel better :) Hope you are having a great Monday - here is to a good week!

Painting #16 - looking up 6x6 - encaustic

My computer is working, Yay! pictures of the weekend's artwork are now posted :)

September 14th & 15th, 2013
So this was a tricky, busy weekend for me. Lots to do, not nearly enough time! I was able to do a small painting of a clear summer evening - one of the few left - and work more on the 9x12 bliss painting. I am still having a few technical difficulties in posting - they should be up early part of the week.

Painting #15 - bliss 9x12 - encaustic
Painting #14 - summer evening - 4x4 - encaustic

September 13, 2013
I wanted to do some vibrant colors today... Hope you have a great weekend! I'm having technical difficulties posting - hopefully by Monday it will be all better :)

Painting #13 - early wednesday morning - 6x6 - encaustic

September 12, 2013
Painting #12 - bliss (study 2) 4x4 - encaustic

I am working thru some ideas for the larger 'bliss' painting. This 4x4 painting helped me think through a few things. I'm still working away on the 9x12, I have a few layers down, but it needs more to get the depth that I want.... maybe by tomorrow :)

September 11, 2013
Today was a really hot September day! It made my cool basement very inviting - I painted most of the day :) I even worked through some sketch ideas, and started a 9"x12" Bliss painting which I hope to finish tomorrow or Friday. I painted "across the lake" today, because being in a lake, swimming, would have been the only other happy thing to do today! Have a great night - more tomorrow!

Painting #11 - across the lake 6"x6" - encaustic

September 10, 2013
Painting #10 - from the ferry 6"x6" - encaustic

September 9, 2013
So, I am not sure if this painting is done yet..... I'm going to live with it and see if it needs more working. This was last Friday, a beautiful afternoon, with the skies just beginning to change, I am not sure if I have the light quite right yet.

Painting #9 - friday by the lake 8"x8" - encaustic

September 8, 2013
The painting for today is a different view of the sky. My son asked me to paint this view he saw from the airplane.... I love that he is looking at the skies for me :)

Painting #8 - in the clouds 4"x4" - encaustic

September 7, 2013
Today's painting is bigger!, it measures 8inches square. It is another glimpse of last Wednesday night...I could actually see across the sound to the Olympic Mts! They looked like islands in the sky. I feel so lucky that I was able to see it. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Painting #7 - wednesday night 8"x8" encaustic

September 6, 2013
Today, I was a bit home sick for Lake Tahoe and my family....so, my painting is of an amazing day when the storm across the lake made the water an incredible color. Brought me a little closer :) Have a great day!

Painting #6 - bliss - 4"x4" encaustic

September 5, 2013
So, I thought I had today's painting all planned out....then, as I ran around last night, running errands, I saw the most amazing sunset! I spent a good 15 min detour getting different glimpses. Today's painting is the first :)

Painting #5 - wednesday evening - 3.25"x4.5" encaustic

September 4, 2013
Today's second painting (YAY! that means I am caught up!) is also from the road. This was an amazing rainstorm - right before we drove thru! We could see the break on the other side, the "light at the end".

Painting #4 - into the rain, encaustic

I went on a great road trip this summer and saw amazing skies! I think that I will paint some of them while they are fresh in my mind :)
The first one for today is as the sun set on our last day of the drive, we were going to drive until we made home, and we were rewarded with an amazing sky, the kind that change in every minute (I will have many paintings from this one night!). This one, is when there is just a ribbon of light in an increasingly dark sky. Very moody

Painting #3 - friday night, encaustic

September 3, 2013
So, I have decided to put all of the paintings into this table.... that way I can see at a glance what my month has been like. I wonder if my moods will be obvious..... hmm

September 3, 2013
Yay! What a great day in the studio :) I had the time & the space to finish 2 small 4x4 encaustic paintings. It always puts me in such a good mood! Alas, the rest of life is calling.... but I will be back tomorrow. Hmm, what shall be next?

Painting #2 - wednesday afternoon, encaustic
Painting #1 - friday afternoon, encaustic

September 3, 2013
I heard about this challenge, paint 30 paintings in 30 days, and I thought it sounded like the perfect thing for me to do! Of course, it is for the month of September, and of course, Labor Day weekend was really early this year (!) but here we go. So, as I write this, it is already the 3rd of September (oops), but I am confident that I can make up the lost days :)
My plan is to post -each day- the paintings that I have done. Talk to you later today

Well, off I go! I have some painting to do.......