a bit about me

I believe that art brings balance and harmony to our lives, much in the same way that a walk in the woods or a stroll on the beach might. I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. My work is inspired by a desire to explore the things that give me peace, and the hope that that peace will shared with those who view it.

I grew up in the mountains of California, went to college on the coast (UCSD), Graduate school in the MidWest (UW Madison), spent some time on the East Coast, and I am completely at home in the Pacific Northwest :) I am happiest when I am outside, and have been lucky to experience so many variations in the sky and earth. 

I hope that my art provides an outlet; a small escape, for those who venture inside. My goal is to create objects that are enjoyable to look at, and peaceful when understood.

***A bit about Encaustics***

I paint with encaustics. I limit myself to the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and black & white. I just really enjoy mixing colors from the basics :) Encaustic painting is an old technique that involves color pigments melted into bees wax and damar resin (sap). My palette is heated, I mix my colors on the palette, bring them over to the painting surface in a molten state, and they must be heated in order to manipulate. There are many layers that must be fused together with heat as I paint. The finished painting will have rich texture and depth. The light plays off of this texture, and can make the colors appear differently from different angles.  It is a durable material, and is stable to 160degrees F.

Collections and Memberships

Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe NM :: work in permanent collection 

Artwork in public, private and corporate collections in the United States, Canada, Panama, Belgium, France & UK

Encaustic Art Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico :: Exhibiting Member

City of Kent, WA :: work in Public Art Collection

I hope you enjoy browsing through my artwork, but I ask that you respect the copyright protection of all of my images and not copy or reproduce them in any form.